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Espresso Machine Cleaning Guide

Cleaning Sanitizing

Now, more than ever, consumers are looking at the attention that operators place on creating a safe and clean foodservice environment. And as the beverage industry pivots to embrace new processes, programs, and protocols, VOLTAGE is here to provide resources and advice to help you put in place best-in-class cleaning practices and standards that are simple to implement and effective.


We've highlighted our top 5 best-in-class cleaning protocols for your cafe's coffee equipment.


The focal point and workhorse of cafes, espresso machines require regular and thorough cleaning so your coffee tastes its best and is safe to consume. Take the following steps to establish an effective cleaning routine for your espresso machine:

Backflush and clean the groupheads:

Cafiza is a powerful backflush detergent, designed to balance optimal levels of foaming and solubility for a deep clean of groupheads, valves and lines. Scoopz is its perfect companion: it sports a doser for the powder on one end and bristles to scrub groupheads on the other.

Soak and rinse the portafilters, screens and baskets:

Cafiza can also be used to create a soaking solution for a variety of accessories. The Scoopz brush is both a dosing tool and a grouphead scrubbing brush.

Clean the steam wands and frothing pitchers:

Milk deposits fats, proteins and minerals inside and on the surface of steam wands and frothing pitchers. Rinza ensures these pieces of equipment remain clear of milk residue and bacteria, so your cappuccinos and lattes taste great and are safe for your customers.

Wipe down all surfaces

Coffee stains and fingerprints on equipment surfaces and counters can indicate to customers a lack of care or attention to cleanliness and food safety. Urnex offers a variety of surface cleaners, including Café Sprayz, Café Wipz and Stainless Sprayz.

Descale the boiler

Dezcal removes limescale buildup and is available in liquid, powder, and tablets. Due to the need for machine disassembly, decaling is best performed by a service technician.


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