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Mazzer Super Jolly E vs. Eureka Zenith 65 E vs. Eureka Olympus 75 Neo

Those who have dedicated their lives to crafting the best espresso understand that the coffee grinder is just as crucial as the beans and commercial espresso machine. The espresso grinder is responsible for turning whole coffee beans into the grounds that become coffee or espresso, and a high-quality machine will create impressive uniformity and a finer grind. 

Most baristas and coffee roasters agree that flat burr grinders produce superior results, and that’s why many of the commercial coffee grinders we carry have flat burrs. If you’re interested in purchasing a utilitarian flat burr grinder for primary use in your café, you may want to learn more about three of our most versatile options. 

The Mazzer Super Jolly E, Eureka Zenith 65 E, and Eureka Olympus 75 Neo are among our most popular grinders for both commercial and home settings. Here, we offer a comparison of all three: 

Mazzer Super Jolly E Specs

In the coffee industry, Mazzer is a well-known name. This brand’s most popular model is the Super Jolly, and the electronic version (E) of this grinder is a customer favorite. With its modern black and aluminum color palette, it looks great on the countertop while providing excellent results. 

The Super Jolly E has a hopper capacity of 2.7 lbs and 64 mm flat burrs. With the electronic version, the user has the ability to set the dose by time to .05 second with the intuitive keypad. 

Eureka Zenith 65 Neo Specs

When you’re looking for an option that’s similar to the Super Jolly, Eureka has several options to consider. 

While still in the same entry-to-mid level class as the Super Jolly, Eureka’s Zenith 65 Neo offers a slightly larger burr size of 65 mm. It’s also easier to clean, thanks to Eureka’s patented anti-clumps and electrostaticity (ACE system). In addition to the ACE system, this model is a breeze to clean because the burr chamber is designed for easy access and there’s no need to re-adjust after cleaning. 

Eureka Olympus 75 Neo Specs

Another great product by Eureka is the Olympus 75 Neo. This machine offers a larger hopper size than the Zenith 65, with a capacity of 3 lbs compared to the Zenith’s 2.6 capacity. It also has larger burrs: 75 mm in comparison to 65 mm on the Zenith. 

Its larger capacity and burrs make this model an excellent choice for busier settings that need to grind through more beans efficiently. Like other Eureka products, Olympus 75 Neo is equipped with the ACE system. 

There’s no question that a high-quality commercial coffee grinder is a must for preserving the flavor of the beans while also keeping up with the demands of your coffee bar. Whether you’re looking for a commercial product for home or retail use, the three grinders highlighted here are popular choices for both. 

If you prefer a brand that’s known for its longevity, Mazzer is a trusted brand and the Super Jolly E has a reputation for being reliable. The Eureka Zenith 65 Neo feels like a bit of a step up with marginally faster grinding and less coffee wastage, while the Olympus 75 Neo is considered the frontrunner of this group. 

Still not sure which of these grinders is the best fit for your business? We’re here to help. If you have any questions regarding commercial coffee equipment, contact our team. Our staff is knowledgeable about all things espresso and would love to assist you in finding the perfect products for your shop.

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