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What You Need to Know About the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima Pre-Infusion System

If you appreciate a truly excellent cup of coffee, investing in a prosumer commercial espresso machine is a decision that you’ll thank yourself for. Prosumer machines offer the best of both worlds: user-friendly features combined with powerful yet energy efficient mechanisms that are essential in commercial settings. 

As the specialty coffee industry continues to introduce innovative new technology, you may find it challenging to find the perfect product for your needs. Victoria Arduino has been a major player in the coffee world for over a century, and the E1 Prima is one of our favorite compact machines. Interested in learning more about this small space option? Here, we share more about its pre-infusion feature and discuss why it’s so important: 

What Is Pre-Infusion? 

Not all machines are equipped with pre-infusion capabilities, but this feature is one that many baristas prefer. What the term “pre-infusion” boils down to is the soaking of the puck of coffee before full pressure is applied from the pump. This process allows the water to penetrate the grounds more evenly, which lessens the chances of channeling (which is what occurs when water moves through the path of least resistance and bypasses grounds). 

Does the E1 Prima Have Pre-Infusion?  

If you’re drawn to Victoria Arduino machines due to their reputation for quality and classic aesthetic, you may be interested in learning more about the popular E1 Prima. This product is beloved among specialty shop baristas and home coffee connoisseurs because it’s essentially a smaller version of the commercial Eagle One. This compact machine is built with energy efficiency in mind and is also packed with premium features. 

In addition to its T3 temperature management technology and automatic rinsing, this machine has high-tech pre-infusion capabilities. Victoria Arduino machines are equipped with the brand’s Soft Infusion System (SIS) to deliver creamy extractions without fail. Like other models in Victoria Arduino’s line, the E1 Prima has a built-in pressure monitoring system designed to increase pressure incrementally. 

If you’re ready to find a high-end commercial espresso machine for your home coffee bar or business, the E1 Prima by Victoria Arduino is an excellent option to consider. Its plethora of features (including digital controls via the app) make this machine a favorite of those who appreciate user-friendliness and modern design. If you have any questions about the E1 Prima or any other of the products we carry, we’d love to help. Please contact our customer service team for a consultation. 

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